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More than a mashed-up banana

Great ingredients are important, and when they’re paired together properly, they do amazing things. Our meals contain healthy fats, proteins, and are less than 9 grams of sugar each. We curate each box for you, so your tiny human gets a balanced variety of baby food that supports brain and muscle development, vision, bone health, heart rhythm, immune system.

Ingredient Variety

Meals rotate frequently to encourage taste buds and support healthy growth.


From small farms we know and love.

Big 8 allergen-free

No tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, fish, wheat, dairy, soy, or egg*.

Plant based

In other words, vegetarian and vegan. Feel free to BYO-animal protein.

Flash Frozen

Ingredients are quickly frozen at low temperatures to lock in nutrients.


Our meal packaging is FDA-approved, BPA-free.

Meals that grow

Our meals are safe for babies starting at 6 months**. They are ready for you to steam and blend to the consistency that’s right for your tiny human.

6 months +

Steam and purée. Blend longer for a thinner consistency.

9 months +

Steam and purée, but lose some of the water. Great for transitioning to table food.

12 months +

Steam and serve. Easy as that. Our meals are prepped to be perfect for tiny human-sized fingers.


What age should I start my baby on Raised Real meals?

Most tiny humans start solids around 6 months. It’s fine to introduce foods in no particular order. There’s no need to start with single ingredients unless you have a family history of food allergies, or want to keep your eye on stomach troubles. But seriously, no need to overthink it, this is coming from the AAP – but you know your baby and family history best. Talk to your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

What if my tiny human doesn’t like one of the meals?

This is our favorite question. Your tiny human is not going to like everything right away, and that is OK. As they try new foods and flavors they are going to make funny faces, gestures. It’s their way of saying “whoa, this is different.” Sometimes it can take up to 15 tries before they give the green light to a new flavor, and if that’s not enough of a curveball, their appetites will also fluctuate. Be patient and remember you’re doing an amazing job.

  • * Some of our meals contain coconut, which is technically a tree nut, but is not known to trigger allergic reactions. Please check with your pediatrician if your tiny human has a known tree-nut allergy.


  • **These are just suggestions. You know your tiny human best. Unsure of when they should start solids? Check our FAQs.