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date nights for parents

10 easy-to-plan date night ideas for parents

When you’re a parent it can be hard to find time to plan date nights. But date nights aren’t always just fun and games- they are an important part of self care. Not only does research show that date nights have real benefits for your relationship, but they can reduce stress too- and let’s be honest, parenting can be stressful. Here are ten easy-to-plan date night ideas for parents.

1. Get a couple’s massage

When it comes to date night ideas for parents, you can never go wrong with a couple’s massage. It’s quiet, relaxing, and helps the muscles that are usually running after kids. Plus, services like Soothe Message come to your house so you don’t have to worry about childcare.

date night ideas for parents


2. Plan an at-home date night

Finding a babysitter isn’t always easy and who says you can’t stay home for date night? After you put the kids in bed, get your pajamas on, order dinner in, get some ice cream, and watch a movie- preferably one that isn’t G rated.

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3. Get tickets for a comedy show

Research shows that laughter has real health benefits. While our kids make us smile every day, a little adult humor can be the best medicine after a stressful week.

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4. Take a staycation

Being a parent is a full time job. That’s why a day trip or an overnight somewhere local is the perfect way to take a break from your parental duties, even if that means sneaking in FaceTiming the kids.

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5. Go to museum night

Museums can be a fun place to take the kids during the day, but after hours there’s often champagne, live music, and appetizers involved. Egg roles anyone?

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6. Have a game night

A trivia or bowling night with friends means you finally get to talk about pop culture in a larger social surrounding.

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7. Go see live jazz

Live jazz makes for a much needed break from listening to “Let it Go” and the rest of the Frozen soundtrack on repeat.

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8. Sign up for an art and wine night

Mommy and me art classes are always fun, but have you tried an adult art class? There will likely be wine.

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9. Take a cooking class together

Take a break from cooking for the kids and cook for yourselves instead. This is also a very Instagramable date.

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10. Go on a walk

Maybe a walk is all you have time to squeeze in. But even a 10 minute walk around the block when the kids are in school is quality time to bond.

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By Hannah Wren