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3 signs your tiny human is ready for finger foods

By Justine Lorelle LoMonaco

Most tiny humans provide plenty of cues when they’re ready to start sampling solids. (It’s called “the seagull phase,” and you’ll recognize it from the telltale signs of your baby stalking every bite you take.) But it can be harder for parents to know when is the right time to level up to finger foods and bite-size options.

Don’t stress, though—we’ve got you. Here are the three primary indications your little one is ready for you to skip the blending step with your Raised Real meals.

1. She can pick up food and put it in her mouth.

Sounds obvious, but until your baby can physically feed herself, she’s probably not ready for finger foods. Developing grasping and pincer grip takes practice, though, so let her chase a few small bites around her high chair tray from time to time (with plenty of supervision) until she’s ready for the real thing. Tip: For foods that are harder to pick up, like peas, try pinching them first so they’re flatter and easier to grasp.

2. She makes a chewing motion when she eats chunkier or more textured purees.

Don’t forget—you’re allowed to have a middle step between purees and finger foods! Start by pulsing your Raised Real meals in the blender (instead of blending completely smooth) or mashing with a fork to get a chunkier mix. Offer your tiny human small spoonfuls and watch for signs that she’s trying to chew instead of simply swallowing each bite whole. Once she’s mastered chewing, she’s probably ready for meals with a bit more bite to them.

3. She loses interest in pureed food.

Yes, a baby that wants to dump her puree on the floor is a good thing! It could mean that, quite simply, she’s over it. Start experimenting with more textured purees or even small cuts of steamed food to see if her mealtime focus piques again.

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