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Young Mom With Blond Toddler

4 Self Care Tips From A Mom

By, Justine Lorelle LoMonaco

As a mom, your job is to take care of everyone. But with diapers to change and dinner to get on the table, sometimes it can be easy to find yourself at the bottom of your own to-do list. A July 2010 study found that the average mom works about 98 hours a week.

No wonder we’re so tired all the time.

But it is possible to check off everything on your to-do list without going crazy, and outsourcing your to-do list is one of the best ways you can show yourself some love. Here are four ways to make getting it all done easier:

1. Don’t skip the sitter.

Whether you’re scheduling time with your partner or just booking a sitter so you can make your favorite spin class, hiring childcare help a few times a week or month can be a great way to help you keep your sanity. Check out resources like Urban Sitter to find qualified, verified options in your area. And then get to booking that candlelit dinner for two.

2. Hire cleaning help.

Did you know women in America spend an average of 2 hours and fifteen minutes every day on housework? While most of us can’t afford a live-in maid (dare to dream!), you can get hours back by hiring some cleaning help a couple times a month. Poll your neighbors or local mom groups to get recommendations, or check out sites like TaskRabbit to list specific jobs. Those dust bunnies won’t know what hit them.

3. Use Instacart to get groceries delivered.

Getting your own personal shopper just got a lot easier. Instacart is a service that sends a real, live person (who doesn’t have to wrangle a toddler all day) to pick up everything on your grocery list and deliver it to you the same day. And if the store is out of those cage-free eggs you like? No problem. Your Instacart shopper will text you with an alternative that you can either agree to or skip altogether. Dinner is on the way!

4. Let Raised Real handle your tiny human’s plate.

Every mom wants to serve their babies the healthiest, most nutritious food options. But if sourcing, shopping for, and serving perfectly balanced dishes for every meal is putting a burden on your schedule, consider Raised Real as a simplified alternative. We’ll deliver freshly prepared ingredients to your door—all you have to do is steam, blend, and serve. Now that’s a fresh solution.

Interested in organically sourced, healthy baby food? Try Raised Real.