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How to Tell When Your Baby is Hungry

By Justine Lorelle LoMonaco.

As a parent, there are some things that are easy to identify, like when your baby has a fever or when her diaper needs to be changed. And then there are other things that are a bit trickier—like knowing how to tell when your baby is hungry or not.

And while one day your child will happily tell you every time they want a snack (hint: it’s all the time), for now, we’ve put together a quick guide to identifying your baby’s hunger cues before they can talk.

Sign #1: Crying or fussing

You’ve checked her diaper, she has recently had a nap, and toys don’t seem to make any difference—your tiny human might be hankering for a meal. From six to seven months, crying or fussing can still be one of the primary ways your baby let’s you know she is hungry.

Sign #2: Reaching for food (or eyeing down yours)

This is the age a lot of babies earn the nickname “The Seagull”—and for good reason. If your tiny human perks up whenever you’re eating or starts reaching for the spoon, he’s probably hungry.

Sign #3: Opens mouth and leans toward food

Similar to reaching, a hungry baby will do her part to get food to her tiny mouth. While feeding, you can be sure your child is still hungry as long as she continues to open her mouth and stay engaged in the meal.

Sign #4: Sucking on fingers or fist

Remember the infant days when your baby would root just about anywhere for milk? This is the (slightly) older version of that. If your child is sucking on his fingers or putting his fist in his mouth, he’s most likely not just showing off his jaw dexterity—get that kid a meal!

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