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4 Unexpected Summer Produce Items

By, Justine Lorelle LoMonaco.


Eating seasonally has (thankfully) become a popular trend in recent years—and we love passing on our passion for farm-to-table eats to our tiny humans. But while you probably already know to eat strawberries in the spring and apples in the fall, there’s a virtual cornucopia of other seasonal produce that often get overlooked. For those looking to spice up their plates this summer, we rounded up a few of our less common favorites you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

If you love carrots…try radishes!

Crisp, crunchy radishes add a kick to plenty of recipes, but many people are cautious about adding them to their plates. Never fear! Besides being good sources of potassium and folate, radishes also add a spicy flavor to summer salads, sandwiches, and crudites.

If you like peaches…try apricots!

Once you get on a roll with this oft overlooked stone fruit, you may never stop. Apricots’ sweet-tart flavor and tender texture make them the perfect option for snacking (especially when dried), baking into crisps and cobblers, and even tossing fresh into homemade ice cream. (Not that you needed another excuse to eat ice cream this summer, right?)

If you love spinach…try arugula!

Think of arugula as the fancier, spicier cousin of your favorite green. The softer, lacy leaves add a punch of flavor to any dish, but we’re partial to wilting a handful into pastas or baking it into quiche cups for breakfast. (Warning: Your tiny human might not want to share any with you once he gets a taste.)

If you like pineapple…try passion fruit!

Ready to hang with more tart kind of berry? Passion fruit is widely gaining popularity due to its high nutritional content, but your tiny human will just love the incredible flavor it will add to the recipes this summer. Add it to a fruit salsa over chicken or whip into your favorite mousse recipe for a tangy bite.

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