5 Baby-Ready Foods that Fight the Flu

With the flu making headlines, it’s easy to contemplate putting a mask on your tiny human or never leaving the house with them in order to stay flu-free. Since busy lives and rational thought prevent us from taking extreme measures, here are some nutrition packed superfoods to add to your baby’s meals to help fight the flu.


Ginger root for flu and cold symptoms are commonplace in Asia and are quickly catching on elsewhere. As a well-known immunity building food, ginger inhibits the protein in the influenza virus that causes infection. Cut a slice and throw it into your water bottle. It can be blended into your baby’s food to help ease flu like symptoms or help in boosting immunity.


Cauliflower contains a lot of Vitamin C and like broccoli and kale also has many benefits related to its Brassica family. Studies show eating Vitamin C early on in an infection may protect from the influenza virus. It also naturally boosts glutathione production in the body, which helps fight the flu. Steam and blend cauliflower for your baby to give their immune system a flu-fighting boost.


Garlic contains compounds that help the immune system fight germs. Whole garlic contains alliin, a compound that turns into allicin when garlic is crushed or chewed. These compounds have shown to have flu-fighting and immune boosting effects against viruses such as the common cold and the flu. While we know your tiny human won’t be quite into chewing a clove of garlic, it can be blended into baby food to boost your baby’s immune system and fight the good fight against the flu.


Greens such as kale and spinach are packed with immune-boosting properties to fight the flu. With high levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, kale greens help fight off infection and regenerate other antioxidants in the body. Blend some Kale (and maybe some turmeric) to create a powerful immune booster for your baby to fight the flu.


Turmeric root is dried and typically ground into its yellow-orange power and is often added as a spice to curries and other foods. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, relieves inflammation by blocking inflammatory pathways caused by the influenza virus. To increase the power of curcumin by 2000%, pair it with black pepper. It can be blended into baby food or lightly sprinkled onto your child’s finger foods.

The best option is a combination of these foods to create powerful nutrient pairings to fight flu symptoms in your baby (or yourself!). Try Raised Real’s baby meals for perfectly portioned meals ready to be steamed and blended for your tiny human.

A Bonus 6th Food: Wild Salmon. But more on that one coming soon.

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