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5 Creative Ways to Use Meal Delivery Boxes (well, Raised Real coolers)

By, Justine Lorelle LoMonaco.

You already know how much you and your tiny human love getting your monthly Raised Real shipment with the accompanying cooler. What you might not know is that the fun doesn’t have to end after your meals are done. Here are five ways to upcycle your Raised Real cooler with crafts you and your child can do together.

DIY storage boxes

Tiny humans come with loads of tiny things. Keep everything from toys to next-size clothes tidy by storing them in DIY boxes made out of the cooler. You can leave your Raised Real cooler au natural (we think they’re pretty sleek ourselves), or give it a pop of panache by covering the outside with pretty paper or fabric before storing them on a shelf or in a closet.

Snow fort brick maker

Got a tiny engineer in training? The Raised Real cooler is the perfect size to use as a mold for snow bricks this winter. Simply pack the cooler with snow, then turn it over to slide out a “brick” you can use to build the ultimate snow fort. (Those neighbor kids are going to be so jealous.)

Cardboard dollhouse

Cut apart two coolers and create a custom dollhouse to let your tiny human’s big imagination run wild. Cutting and taping should be left to the grown-ups, but get your child involved in decorating the walls and floor with wrapping paper or markers. HGTV should be calling any minute.

DIY planter or compost bin

Tiny humans love playing in the dirt (no, like seriously), and it’s also a great way to teach them about where our food comes from. Take your recycling project full circle by lining your Raised Real cooler with a plastic bag or sheet and filling it with dirt for an herb garden or composting materials. Not sure where to start? Here’s a beginner’s guide to composting.

Make your own sensory box

Sensory boxes have become wildly popular as a way to encourage tiny senses and stimulate those growing brains. To create your own, seal your Raised Real cooler on the outside with shipping tape and fill with a variety of small objects, like rice, beans, foam toys, even race cars. Swap out the objects from time to time to give your tiny human new senses to explore.

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