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new parent holiday gifts

5 holiday gifts every new parent in your life needs

By Hannah Wren

Finding the perfect holiday gift for new parents can be mind-boggling. They’ve already received the smart high chair (it’s 2018, smart high chairs are a thing). The key to gifting for new parents is getting them something that’s functional-something that they won’t want to re-gift at the next white elephant party. Here are 5 new parent gifts that will make you the best gift-giver this holiday season, as recommended by the Raised Real team. You’re welcome.


1.) KiwiCo’s science and art crates gift subscription

new parent holiday gifts

What’s a better gift for new parents than something that gives them more time to do the important things, like an extra two minutes in the shower or drinking their coffee in silence? KiwiCo’s Tadpole project crates (for ages 0-2 years) keep kids distracted in an engaging and educational way because every parent likes to brag that their kid is the smartest on the playground.


2.)  Blue Bottle Coffee subscription

new parent holiday gifts

It’s no secret that kids have a lot of boundless energy. (Perhaps that’s why parents love the game “whoever stays silent for the entire car ride wins.”) A Blue Bottle Coffee subscription (also known as unlimited coffee) is a gift the new parents in your life will definitely thank you for. Because who has time to wait in line at Starbucks?


3.) Year & Day’s table sets

new parent holiday gifts

If the new parent in your life enjoys mealtime as much as we do, a gift for their dining room table is the way to go. Year & Day puts it best, “your table is where you nourish yourself, friendship and family.”


4.) David’s Tea

new parent holiday gifts

David’s Tea’s fun holiday flavors like Fireside Mocha and Candy Cane Crush are the ideal treat to curl up by the fire and read a book with while the kids are sleeping.


5.) Raised Real gift card

new parent holiday gifts

Okay, we may be biased, but who doesn’t love free time (and free food)? Our plant-based baby-ready meals save parents time because we cover all the meal prep for their tiny human, while training their palates. Now, that’s a parenting win.



Tired of meal prep for your tiny human? Gift yourself Raised Real meals for the holidays.