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5 Stages of Food Acceptance by Tiny Humans

By Justine Lorelle LoMonaco.


Sometimes introducing new flavors can feel like bargaining your way out of a hostage situation. (Okay, maybe not quite that bad. But definitely as messy.) But never fear! Most tiny humans need to try a new flavor up to 15 times—and then one day they suddenly do love green beans.

Not convinced? Here are the five stages of toddler food acceptance you can expect to see:


Also known as the “tight-lipped, head-shaking” phase. You may notice your tiny human’s sudden refusal to make eye contact or even accept that meal time has begun. But they know. Oh, they know.


Insiders call this the “food on your face, food on the ceiling, food on your sweater, food EVERYWHERE BUT IN THEIR MOUTH” phase. Often accompanied by yowling, shrieks, and tears. (By you and your child.)


One more bite? One more bite? You may start to see signs of your child wearing down as he realizes that peas are not in fact going to kill him. Success is in sight!


This is also the phase where you might want to pour yourself a beverage. Sometimes it can feel like you’re at your limit, but trust us: Your child is just as close to giving in as you are. You’re going to get through it, parents!


Wait…did your kid just eat a mouthful of puree without a fuss? And is she…actually looking for more? Who is this child? Don’t question it. Just keep those delicious meals coming!

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