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6 Foodie Moms You Should Start Following On Instagram Immediately

By, Justine Lorelle LoMonaco.

It’s the age-old question: What’s for dinner? And from the first spoonfuls we feed to our tiny humans, parents are constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest recipes that will encourage diverse palates and fill those tiny bellies with the best nutrients.

And while we’re all for scouring Pinterest for another recipe, sometimes it’s easier to take advice from a fellow parent who you know is out there feeding their own tiny brood from the trenches. Which is why these six moms have become beacons of inspiration and encouragement whenever we’re looking for a new idea on what to spoon up for our babies or pack in the lunchbox for our bigger kids.

Not following them yet? Here’s why you’re not going to be able to stop double-tapping:

Torie Avey, @torieavey

Inspired by her family’s old-world culture and spurred by an endless curiosity about food and nutrition, Torie Avey’s recipes are so much more than what ingredients to mix and when. Every post will leave you with new fun facts to share with your family (like the history of coffee cake or where peaches originated)—and it will probably leave you drooling a little bit too.

Liren Baker, @kitchconfidante

Food doesn’t have to be beautiful to taste good…but it sure doesn’t hurt. But Liren Baker’s stunning plating style tells only half the story of her cooking, which features fresh ingredients and is inspired by the foodie cultures she has lived in. Warning: Her Instagram feed will make you hungry.

Shannon Carino, @shannoncarino

While most parents struggle with what to pack for lunch every day, Shannon Carino has elevated it to an art form. Her artistically inspired bento lunch boxes will give you all the ideas you need to pump up your own boxed lunch game—and they might even give you a few ideas for your own PB&Js too.

Ali Hedin, @ali.hedin

Ali Hedin believes every meal is a chance for celebration. Her bright, colorful feed and blog are packed with inspiring recipes and party ideas that bring the party back to even simple weeknight meals. If you’re not afraid of a little confetti, she’s the one to follow.

Alice Choi, @hipfoodiemom1

While a picture may tell a thousand words, sometimes you just want a video telling you how to make the recipe. Alice Choi hears you, which is why her Instagram feed is chock full with not only hunger-inducing images, but also incredibly helpful videos on how to make the recipes yourself at home. From Asian-inspired meals to mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies, she’s got a bite for everyone.

Jennifer Perillo, @jenniferperillo

Each of Jennifer Perillo’s posts reads like a love letter to food, whether it incorporates a bit of poetry or simply her own thoughts on the beauty of real ingredients and from-scratch cooking. And the pictures themselves? Let’s just say it’s hard not to fall head over heels for her recipes.


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