6 Things to Pack in Your Daycare Bag

There are few things harder than passing our babies along to caretakers, but with the right preparation, both you and your child’s daycare can feel confident that everything is in the bag. (Literally.) Here are 6 items to always include in your tiny human’s daycare bag for a smoother day for all.


In the weeks prior to sending your child to daycare, take special note of how many diapers and wipes you typically go through in a day. That will help you better measure out how much to send along. (Though it’s always a good idea to send a few extra—blowouts are real, yo.


Odds are, your daycare will have some kind of cream on hand. But if your child has sensitive skin (or you’re just particular about products—we feel you), it’s a good idea to include a labeled tube of cream and let them know you prefer to use your own.


(including bibs or burp cloths). Remember those blowouts we mentioned? They happen. So do messy crafts, lunchtime spills, and spit-up. (But you already knew that.) Pack your child two extra outfits so they don’t have to sit in messy clothes all afternoon. And tuck a few bibs and burp cloths so your caretakers can clean (and clean and clean) as they go.


Include any medicine or supplements your baby needs to take or might need to be more comfortable, but don’t leave them in the bag. Be sure to carefully label each item and give them directly to a daycare employee so it doesn’t fall into the wrong tiny hands.


Spending the day away from mom can be hard—and we’re not just talking about you! Make sure your child has what he or she needs to feel comforted or to go down for a nap, including an extra pacifier and lovey they can cuddle if they start to have #AllTheFeelz.


Did you know Raised Real meals can travel? (Woohoo!) Aside from providing any necessary breastmilk or formula, it’s a great idea to premake a few meals to send along for lunch time. Steam and blend the meals to your desired consistency, and then store in an airtight container to keep. If they’ll be eaten within two hours, you don’t even need to refrigerate them. Otherwise, keep in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours, and then set out to bring up to room temperature naturally. Bon appetit!

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