7 Foods To Support Your Baby’s Developing Brain

Your baby learns something new every day. In just the first year of their lives, babies are learning how to take their first steps, say their first words, and even how to get your attention (cue the meltdowns). What is happening behind the scenes making all of these new milestones possible is that their brains are developing, fast. Here are 7 foods for your baby’s brain development, so that one day they can read to you for a change.


Spinach and kale contain lutein and Vitamin K, which you can think of as power nutrients for your baby or toddler’s brain function. Have a picky eating on your hands? Try mixing greens with fruits or healthy fats for flavor. For instance, we mix spinach with banana, coconut butter, quinoa in our Spinach + Banana meal.


Not only are whole grains like quinoa a good source of protein and fiber for your tiny human’s muscle development and digestion, but they contain iron, which is basically the Bonnie to brain health’s Clyde.


Apples have quercetin, a fancy term for a plant pigment that stimulates healthy brain activity. If you’re trying baby led weaning, you can give your baby or toddler a cut up apple to gnaw on. Otherwise, apples make great purees or steamed finger foods.


You can think of avocado as the good kind of fat. It contains vitamins and minerals, which help with brain cell development. Thanks science.


Nut butters are another great source of healthy fats that boost your baby or toddler’s brain development. Is your tiny human allergic to peanuts? Try sunflower seed or coconut butter. In fact, sunflower seed butter is filled with protein and antioxidants. Coconut butter has iron and fiber. Welcome to nutrient city.


Did you know that as soon as 6 months, your baby can eat spices? Not only does turmeric help babies and toddlers grow new brain cells and support their memories, but this Southeastern spice also promotes healthy heart function and helps their bodies’ fight disease. Bring in on flu season.


When it comes to your baby’s brain health, pumpkin seeds are kind of a show off. They contain iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper- nutrients that support learning and memory. We recommend serving your baby or toddler ground pumpkin seeds. You can find these in our Raspberry + Sweet Potato meal.

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