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The Busy Parent’s 10-Step Guide to Making Their Own Baby Food.

By, Justine Lorelle LoMonaco.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock of high fructose corn syrup, odds are you’ve heard the research supporting the importance of serving babies homemade baby food. From safer ingredients to encouraging healthier eating later in life, it’s hard to ignore the push to go homemade. No problem! After all, you only have work, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, dinner prep, maintaining relationships, scheduling dentist appointments, answering emails, not to mention, you know, actually raising your baby on your to-do list—why not add a little extra baby food preparation? Plus, it’s so easy!

Follow these simple steps to create the safest, most nutritious baby food on your block.

Step one: Sourcing

Source organic ingredients. Or is it “natural” ingredients? …”non-GMO”? Honestly, you’re not sure, but considering how much money you’re dropping at your local Whole Foods, it can’t be all bad…right?

Step two: Research

Wait, you just read an article that it’s not just the ingredients that matter—it’s how they’re combined. Vitamin C needs iron. Vitamin K needs fat. Calcium needs Vitamin D. You scrap your first batch of simple recipes and head back to the grocery store. What’s another couple hundred when it comes to your baby’s dinner?

Step three: More research

After researching which foods have which nutrients (you’re still confused), skim Pinterest for baby food recipes you can copy. DANG there are a lot of options. Decide to only pin recipes with 1,000 re-pins or more. That seems foolproof.

Step four: Time to prep!

Clear your kitchen and start washing, peeling, and dicing your produce for the next hour. Just kidding! You have a baby, so the constant interruptions mean this is actually a 2- to 3-hour process. Have fun!

Step five: Still chopping

After icing the carpal tunnel you got from all the chopping (so. much. chopping.), it’s time to steam! Except…you’ve never actually steamed anything in your life. You vaguely remember your mom using some kind of metal basket thing, so you scour Amazon until you find one. And also a stock pot, because the gods of Google seem to think that’s important too. Fortunately, you’ve got Prime, so now you just have to wait two days.

Step six: wonder moment

Briefly wonder if there isn’t an easier way to get all this done.

Step seven: Congratulations!

You finally manage to steam and serve your deliciously prepared baby food! …and your baby spits 90 percent of it into your hair.

Step eight: cleaning

Spend the next two hours cleaning up. That’s not a problem, right?

Step nine: light bulb moment

Bemoan your healthy parent struggle to your mom friend who always seems so well rested. She tells you about Raised Real, a subscription service that delivers organically sourced, flash-frozen meals professionally crafted and prepped for your baby—right to your door. (Plus, the steaming/blending machine is included in your subscription.) Cue: light bulb moment.

Step ten: raised real

Sign up for Raised Real and spend the time you save actually enjoying your adorable tiny human. #winning

Interested in organically sourced, healthy baby food? Try Raised Real.