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Celebrating Fathers: Some Of Our Favorite “Dada And Me” Moments

1. By Sarah Boigny: when my husband and our daughter finally connected

“People often see our story as a sad one but we chose to find the positive out of it. This is Eden and her dad. She was born on November 27 2017. Before Eden we were expecting Nolan, but unfortunately. At 37 weeks pregnancy Nolan was born with complication and passed away 5 days later in December 2016.

Eden and her Dad didn’t connect at first, the bond was hard to create with these two. But today they are the best friends. I’m in the second plan and see them winning each other’s heart everyday in a beautiful way. He wanted a son to share his love for sports, and will never be happy enough that he has this little girl that will always look at him with the most precious eyes and make him feel like the best dad in the world.

I am as a mother, grateful to witness this everyday. So happy Father’s Day to my husband.”


2. By Irina Mingaleev: our daughter’s first words

“We have shared many amazing, funny, joyful and even historically crazy memories for the past 21 month of being parents, but I will never (NEVER EVER) forget the very special day for my hubby. It was actually very recent.

He was as usual getting out of the house to go to work around the time Roksana (our daughter) goes down for nap having her little breastfeeding session. She was sitting on my lap having her milk watching him getting dressed. As soon as he got to the door, she unlatched and very clearly said “bye bye Dada. Bye bye Dada” and waved. His face. I will never forget his face. Lighted up, shining like a sun at 12pm in California, brighter that any highlight palette at Sephora. So happy.

This moment meant so much for him. He’s working very hard to support us, spending all of his free time taking her to museums and parks, redoing everything in his power to make her happy and her first real sentence being “bye bye Dada” just meant so much to him. I know it. I will cherish this memory forever.”


3. By Akta Patel: our life with twins

“Ankur’s ability to make the boys laugh through the biggest diaper blowout cleanups coupled with his endless research into healthy eating and sleeping habits (while powering through his own sleepless nights) makes Ankur one of the most playful and committed fathers around!”

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