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Why You Don’t Have to Be The Nutrition Expert For Your Kids, But Should Know How to Find One You Trust

By, Justine Lorelle LoMonaco

When it comes to deciding your baby’s first bites of solid food, there’s a lot of information to wade through. From blog posts to expert articles, it can be difficult to know what to believe and when to worry when it comes to feeding your little ones. And every mom knows that hungry babies don’t like to wait. Even worse, reading baby food labels can feel like a crash course in chemistry. Ascorbic acid? Calcium phosphate? Thiamine mononitrate? Not to mention all the organic/natural/gluten-free confusion. Making sense of labels can sometimes be harder than convincing your toddler to keep her shoes on. (Just kidding, nothing is harder than that!)

But don’t stress—you don’t have to be a nutrition expert to feed your kids. But for the best information and guidance, you should know how to find one you trust. Rather than trying to decipher it all yourself, turn to a pro. Your child’s pediatrician is your first line of defense because they know your child personally. From allergies to developmental concerns, talk to your pediatrician for recommendations about whether or not your baby is ready to start solids. For special nutrition needs, they should also be able to point you to reliable local experts who can help you navigate any issues.

For more specific nutrition tips, though, you may have to dig a little deeper on your own. One reliable resource is the World Health Organization. They regularly publish articles on maternal, newborn, and child health care and nutrition to help you stay up-to-date on current guidelines and findings in the nutrition world. Another excellent nutrition source for parents is the American Academy of Pediatrics. Their website features news, health and safety tips, and information for parents looking for suggestions on improving childhood nutrition. And with new guidelines published every few years, you know you’re always getting the most current information.

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