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Why “Just Mash A Banana” Isn’t Realistic

By, Justine Lorelle LoMonaco.

Like a lot of introductions, deciding where to start your baby with solids can be a tricky thing. A quick Google search will lead you to a variety of opinions that can take you from feeling uncertain to downright confused. (Not to mention the host of well-meaning family and strangers that are sure to offer their own opinions!)

For years, parents were told that it was best to introduce one ingredient at a time to help avoid exposing their children to unnecessary allergens—but times have changed, folks! Recent research has shown that not only is it unnecessary to feed your baby one food at a time, it’s actually limiting the nutrition your tiny human could be taking in.

“Just mash a banana” and other unhelpful advice

Recently, most pediatricians have changed their tune when it comes to introducing potentially allergenic foods to babies. Not only is it typically safe unless there’s a family history of an allergy, but the earlier exposure could even help head off future allergies at the pass. With your pediatrician’s blessing, you can get in there early with foods like strawberries and even peanut butter to give their digestive system a boost.

Proper pairings do amazing things

Superman and Robin. Bert and Ernie. Lucy and Ethel. The best things come in pairs. It’s the same for your tiny human’s diet! Quality ingredients are always the best choice, but they get super powers when paired with other key ingredients. For example, avocado oil aids in the absorption of vitamin K from broccoli, a crucial element to sharpening your child’s memory. (Though we can’t promise they’ll remember to clean up their toys—sorry.) And green beans and quinoa might as well be Sonny and Cher—Vitamin C from the green beans helps your tiny human absorb iron from the grains to help support your baby’s developing functions.

You don’t have to go it alone

Still feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, it really does take a village. That’s where memberships like Raised Real come in. Raised Real takes the guesswork out of introducing solids because we’ve done the research for you. Each of our organically sourced meals contains the perfect mix of healthy fats and proteins and has less than 9 grams of sugar per pack. (Plus, it all comes cleaned and prepped—less work for you!) Even more importantly, we’re here to support you through every bite. Raised Real’s 24 hour Baby Food Hotline gives our members the chance to text us with with questions and helps navigate spit-outs, funny faces, and whatever else your tiny human can throw at you. (Literally—watch out for flying puree!)

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