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5 Reasons to Love Raised Real, As Told By Members

Parents shouldn’t have to worry about what they are going to feed their kids at mealtime, especially during those precious moments when their little ones are taking their very first bites. With Raised Real meals in their freezer, they don’t have to. Here are five reasons to love Raised Real, as told by our members.

1. It grows with your kid.

“The best part about Raised Real is that you can make yummy meals for your kids in under 10 minutes any way you want. Since my kids are different ages, I love how I can puree the meal for my youngest and serve it as finger food to my oldest. The meals really do grow with your kid.” – Carol P.

2. It exposes your little one to new flavors they wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

“I started Raised Real when my son was 12 months. Before Raised Real, he was such a picky eater and only liked to eat sweet things. Raised Real got my little one to try new healthy foods that he used to make a face at and that I wouldn’t have time to cook otherwise. Now, he even loves some of these foods! Believe it or not, cauliflower is one of my son’s favorites, and he even loves ginger, too!”-Hannah L.

3. It does all the work for you, no meal prep or grocery shopping necessary.

“Grocery shopping with kids is challenging. I never felt like I had enough time in the day to go, and I always forgot something. The worst part was that I kept buying too much food for my little one and felt guilty for throwing it out when it went bad. With Raised Real, I don’t have to meal plan or shop for ingredients that will go to waste. I love how Raised Real does the work for me!” -Lindsey W.

4. It gives you access to your own baby food expert.

“Not only are Raised Real meals fresh, healthy, and easy to make, but the customer service is amazing. When I started using Raised Real, my daughter was only 6 months. I texted Raised Real all the time and they got back to me right away. My daughter is now 18 months, and I still use the baby food hotline. I know that I will keep building a relationship with Raised Real as my daughter goes from little to big and reaches the next milestones.” – Sam K.

5. It’s fresh and healthy.

“When I stopped feeding my little guy formula, I was really worried about what I was going to put inside his body next. All the other baby food options were sugar filled goo that I would never even put in my own body. I always wondered why these products had such a long shelf life, too. After I found Raised Real, I was so excited knowing that there is real, plant-based food made just for children. And, it’s gluten-free too! Just like the foods I eat.” -Young Y.

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