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Raising A Salt Bae: How Much Salt Does Your Child Really Need?

By, Justine Lorelle LoMonaco.

It’s not easy being a salt bae. Turkish cooking techniques aside, many parents aren’t sure if they should shake it like a salt shaker when they first start introducing their tiny human to solids.

In general, salt and babies aren’t a great mix.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) generally does not recommend adding salt to baby’s and children’s food since it’s not healthy for tiny kidneys and can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure) later in life. Additionally, studies have shown that tiny humans who have grown up eating salty foods often grow up to be kids who eat more salt and drink more sugary beverages—to the tune of 17 grams of sugary drinks to every 1 gram of salt consumed. Totally not sweet, dude.

So how much is safe?

Up to 12 months, babies need less than 1 gram of salt (or .4g sodium) every day, but don’t reach for the salt shaker yet. Babies get all the salt they need through breast milk or formula. But that doesn’t mean you should skimp on deliciousness! Instead, pump up the flavor by seasoning food with healthy herbs and spices, like basil, rosemary, and cinnamon for some drool-worthy taste bud training.

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