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How Do I Know If My Baby Is Full Once They Start Solids?

Is my baby getting enough food? Most parents worry about this at some stage, especially during the early days when you’re juggling breastfeeding/formula feeds and introducing new foods. Nobody wants their child to go hungry. Rest assured, we have answers for you. 


Signs of Fullness

Kids are remarkably good at regulating their own appetite, and have a number of ways of indicating when they’re finished with their meal (even if they can’t tell you that yet). Signs of fullness in new eaters include:

  1. Turning their head away from the spoon
  2. Spitting out food or pushing it away
  3. Fidgeting or get easily distracted
  4. Clenching their mouth closed
  5. Expressing disgust or pulling a face
  6. Crying
  7. Blocking their mouth with their hand


Stay Calm and Carry On

Sometimes your baby might not eat much food at all and that’s okay. Their little bellies may simply be at capacity. Try to avoid bribing them (as tempting as it may be). Instead, roll with it and offer more food again next meal. Bribing them with toys and treats teaches them to override their own natural satiety signals.

Most of the time there’s no need to worry about a light meal however if it happens for more than a few days in a row or you suspect that they’re getting sick, consult your pediatrician. Every kid is a little bit different and eating is no exception.


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