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Solid Start: Giving My Baby Solids For The First Time, Alexandra’s Story

By, Alexandra Repetto

Gianna started to reach for food when she was only 4 months old. It all started when she was just a week old and we took her a steakhouse for my dad’s birthday dinner. Since then, my husband and I take her everywhere. We love trying new restaurants, and we never leave her behind as we head to a new spot. Living right outside New York City, there is always a new place to try. Whether it’s a small urban spot with 10 tables or a sprawling outside brewery in Hudson Valley, Gianna comes with for the tasting adventure every time.

At 24 weeks old, her first food was banana. Although she wasn’t super into it at first, the minute she tasted avocado and sweet potato in the days following she was all about this eating thing. Those first few feedings were the best: food all over her face—and outfit—but seeing her face when she would try a new texture was always the best.

Now she eats everything from green olives right out of the jar to roasted red peppers. The Raised Real meals are the best at keeping her palette growing. Most of the time, she eats better than we do! Gianna never wanted bland food, so even now at over a year old we have to put a good amount sauce on her pasta or mix rice with sweet potato to ensure a good balance of starch and flavor.

The best part is that for a while she had no teeth. Her little gums would munch away on everything and anything—black beans, cauliflower, avocado, peppers, carrots, meatballs…anything. Not having teeth never stopped our little eating monster from tasting anything in front of her (or on someone else’s plate). At 10 months, she got two little bottom teeth and she was beyond excited to chew down even more.

In fact, the cutest things is when we are out at restaurant and we’ve just ordered but are waiting for the food to be cooked. She will look all around the restaurant and spot the one table with food. Then she’ll turn or try to stand in the high chair to get a good look and give them her best puppy eyes, trying to see if they will take pity on her and give her a bite. All these nice strangers have always smiled at my girl. So I always carry a little snack to distract her until bread or food comes.

I hope our little good eater never goes away. As restaurant go-ers and at-home cookers, we are enjoying our little buddy with every outing.

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