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Solid Start: Giving My Baby Solids For The First Time, Anne’s Story

By, Anne Scott Fisher

It’s HARD to find fresh and organic fruits and vegetables in the dead of winter in Southwestern Montana. And by hard, I mean our tiny little town in the Rocky Mountains gets 300+ inches of snow during a 6-month long winter and the nearest grocer with reliable organic produce is a 90-mile round trip down a winding, two-lane river canyon road that’s dicey on a good day.

My husband and I are the type of parents that are mostly laid back (after we got through the terrifying first 8 weeks of having our first baby home), but we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to things we can control, like the type of food that goes into our 5-month old son’s tiny body. We skipped rice cereals (because arsenic and sugar?!) in favor of bone broth for Cameron’s first taste of food, and we wanted to continue making healthy, organic, and whole food choices as we expanded his diet—start them young, right?

We researched about five fresh and organic baby food delivery companies with nationwide delivery that would reach our tiny, frozen corner of Montana before making a choice. Raised Real won the battle hands-down. The biggest reason Raised Real is miles ahead of the competition is the fact that they don’t hide vegetables behind fruits in Every. Single. Meal. The competition serves up high sugar counts in most meals, and we’re big believers that just because it’s “natural” sugar doesn’t mean you should have a ton of it. And why would we want to start developing his sweet tooth? I wish someone would have tried not to develop mine…but we know better now than my mom did in the ‘80s. The other reason we loved Raised Real was the fact that the meals are not pre-pureed so Cameron can continue to grow into thicker purees when he’s ready and then eventually into finger foods. Awesome. Easy. Real.

Even new parents know that the best laid plans are still subject to our tiny bosses’ approval, but to our huge surprise, Cameron immediately loved his first meal of kale, cauliflower, white quinoa, garlic and avocado oil. No luring him to eat his veggies with fruits necessary. Just straight veggies and grains. Real, flavorful, clean, organic, delicious green baby food.

Of course, it was everywhere—the floor, my hair, Cameron’s eyebrows. He was a blue-eyed, green food-covered little monster. But most importantly, it got into his tiny belly. After every bite, our little Shrek gave us a wide-eyed grunt that we can only assume meant “MORE!” He’s loved every meal since. And e doesn’t miss a beat going from fruity meals to veggie meals; he loves it all. He eats his colors. We add bone broths and meats if we feel like he needs a little more protein or iron. We’ve absolutely found what works for our little man and for us, and Raised Real delivers it to our doorstep so we can stay cozy in our sweatpants and onesies as our Montana winter rages on (it’s April…).

Interested in organically sourced, healthy baby food? Try Raised Real.