Introducing Solids: Should I Start With Single Ingredient Foods?


My baby will be 6 months soon and start eating his first real foods! Should I be feeding him single ingredient foods ahead of time to prep him for Raised Real meals?


What an exciting (and messy) time you have ahead of you! The important thing to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules for when to introduce solids.

The American Academy of Pediatrics points to six months as the ideal starting point because, by this time, most babies have developed the digestive skills they need to start gumming their way through a meal, but every baby is different! Talk to your pediatrician and watch for cues like your baby paying extra attention whenever you eat (we call this the “seagull phase”).

Most importantly, we recommend introducing a variety of tastes and flavors from the start to encourage a broad palate for life. Gone are the days of introducing a single food at a time! That could mean dipping your finger in sauce and letting him have a suck, giving him a cucumber slice to chew on, or simply starting him on Raised Real meals. Happy tasting!

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