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4 Things to Know About Raised Real

Raised Real baby food is organically sourced, healthy, and fresh. But, is Raised Real baby food right for you and your tiny human? We answered all of your questions… Really quickly.

How old does my baby need to be?

Six months to two years. Our meals are developed to nutritionally support tiny humans 6-24 months.

Is it just purées?

Nope. This is the best part. They are pre-portioned, prepped meals you steam and blend, or just steam and serve as finger food.

What if it’s too much food?

Tiny humans have appetites that change all the time. Because of this, we’ve made it REALLY easy to skip shipments or cancel anytime.

Is my baby going to like it?

We love this question. Feeding your tiny human is about the long game. It can take up to 20 tries of a new food for a tiny human to accept it. Luckily, our meals vary in flavors and textures to encourage palate development. The more they try, the more adventurous they’ll become. Plus, we give our members an SMS hotline if they need a little help.