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When to Start Solids

4 Signs Your Tiny Human Is Ready for Baby Food

When to start solids is a question that crosses all new parents minds. Making the decision to wean your baby off of breast milk and start solids is an emotional one, for sure, and no one should decide what time is right but you! But there are a few signs you can look for to tell whether your baby is ready to start eating solids.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend introducing your tiny human to baby food by 6 months, but you should always check with your pediatrician before beginning.

That said, there are four key signs he or she is ready to start solids.

Your tiny human…

  • Can keep his or her neck up and sit up with our support.
  • No longer has the tongue-thrust reflex or pushes foods out with the tongue.
  • Is ready to chew.
  • Is expressing interest in solids by turning towards the spoon and grabbing food with his or her hands.

If your little one is showing these signs, it could be time to introduce them to the glory that is food! When you’re ready to start your baby on solids, don’t get discouraged if he or she doesn’t take to a certain food immediately; It can take 10-20 tries of a new food before your baby readily accepts it. Bon appetit!

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