You can choose between two different plans: 12 meals for $65.88–that’s $5.49 per meal–or 24 meals for $119.76–that’s $4.99 per meal. You can cancel or change the frequency of your deliveries at any time.

Tough love alert. You can’t choose your meals, but you CAN set ingredient preferences. We make it easy to opt out of ingredients in your account. We then customize a box of meals just for your tiny human. Don’t worry, we’ll never send meals that contain the ingredients you choose not to receive. Your preferences can be updated anytime. You can also select how many breakfast meals you’d like to receive with each delivery.  We do this to make sure your tiny human is getting variety, and to make your life easier.

You will receive either 12 or 24 meals, with an assortment of six recipes based on your ingredient preferences. We also send you access to our Real Hotline, where you can text questions related to nutrition, food, or if you just need a pep talk.

The short answer: age 6 months to infinity.

The long answer: Our meals are made to meet your tiny human wherever they are on their food journey. They can be puréed, mashed, or served as is. We have members who purée, and then a couple weeks later find their tiny human is ready to self-feed with more texture, so they heat, skip the purée, and serve. We have members who start with hands-first eating or BLW, and are with us so long that the meals become a part of their preschooler’s lunchbox. We love when that happens. Happy to see them off to college too.

All of our ingredients are sourced from organic and sustainable farms. What we’re​ really proud of, is our flash freezing process, which ensures the nutrients are locked in. Because what good are organic ingredients, if they’ve lost all of their oomph before they get to your tiny human.

YES. This is very important to us. The cardboard box and metallic shell are all recyclable. Our meal packaging can be recycled in most locations. The insulation is biodegradable (made from recycled denim) and can either be brought to a fabric recycling facility or tossed in the trash.

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“Raised Real makes it foolproof and easy to feed your baby a well balanced, organic, and homemade meal.”