Raised Real is now part of Once Upon a Farm!

My kids tell me that good news is more fun when you do a drumroll before. So, if you wouldn’t mind, drumroll please…

Raised Real is now part of Once Upon A Farm, a company that shares our core values of providing the best, most nutritious food for tiny humans. Our two companies have been longtime fans of each other, and we are thrilled to be able to continue doing what we do alongside a team of equally committed and passionate people who just want what we all want, a better story for our tiny humans. 

What does this mean? Exciting things ahead—like more meal offerings, new box sizes, lower per meal pricing, more shipping frequency options, and wait for it…YOU CAN FINALLY PICK YOUR MEALS!!!

It also means we’ll be popping some chilled Once Upon A Farm smoothies to celebrate all of the exciting things to come. It’s a good day for our Raised Real family, and we’d love for you to join us at Once Upon A Farm.


Santiago Merea