Baby-Step to the Freezer Aisle

Now you can get six of our favorite meals at Target. Perfect for when you’re running out, trying us for the first time, or just want to stock up on a ridiculous amount of Breakfast Oats.

Spinach is high in vitamin K, which helps calcium do its job. It can also help boost your tiny human’s blood coagulation. Your basic overachiever.


Spinach + Banana

High in protein and vitamin C to strengthen bones, plus vitamin A for healthy vision. We don’t play favorites, but, we’d give this one a ride to the airport if it asked.


Carrot + Apple

Good fats help tiny humans absorb vitamin A. Then, when vitamin C is thrown in, their immune cells activate. Let’s hear it for science.


Sweet Potato + Mango

Mango is high in carotenoids—excellent for eye health. They are also high in vitamin C which helps your tiny human absorb the iron in navy beans. A true power couple.


Mango + Navy Bean

Fiber can help support the digestive system. Acai has antioxidants, so your tiny human can get an immunity boost AND healthy bowels. Bowels and immunity? What a time to be alive.


Oats + acai

Blueberries and cranberry seed oil are a powerful duo. Full of antioxidants and vitamin E so your tiny human gets a great start in the morning. Even if it’s still dark out.


Oats + Berries


Our meals can be puréed, smashed, or served as finger food for tiny grabbers.



      Our members receive a variety of meals from our full lineup. We choose based on their tiny human’s ingredient preferences and send boxes of 12 or 24 meals. Target will have 4 of our Anytime Meals, and 2 Breakfast Oats, so you can walk right in and pick the one you want, or go big and get all 6.

      It depends on the store. Some locations may offer delivery through 3rd party services, so best to check with your preferred location. But, good news, you can order for in-store and curbside pickup. What a time to be alive!

      Well, yes it is and thanks for noticing! Our new packaging has all of the cooking instructions and nutritional information right on the back. Also, they are made from 32% post-consumer recycled plastic, so we can help do our part to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfills. Do you like to have fun? Look on the bottom of each bag.

      Looking for a more robust solution to mealtime? Check out our subscription service and get access to all of our meals shipped straight to your door.

      Don’t see your store? Leave us your info and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re there.