No prep, no mess, no kidding.


No prep, no mess, no kidding.

Join now and snag a free meal maker to steam + blend your baby food in one easy step.*while supplies last

Made at home, in minutes.

Organically sourced fruits and veggies washed, peeled, cut, and portioned. Just steam and blend. No waste, leftovers or preservatives.




Homemade by you, delivered by us.

We ship 20 meals to your doorstep every 2 weeks. No more last minute grocery runs, unless you’re out of toilet paper, then by all means, run.

Nutrition first, second, and third.

Our recipes are optimized for developmental milestones, like choline for brain development, and iron and vitamin C right when their iron levels start to drop. These are hard working blends, trust us, we've got a PhD in the house.

Excuse us, our kale is showing.

We mimicked a well-known organic brand's kale, sweet corn, and quinoa pouch and took a side-by-side. Let's just say, there's a reason big baby food companies don't use clear pouches.

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