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Solid Start: Giving My Baby Solids For The First Time, Abby’s Story

By, Abby Merea.

When it started.

With twins, I have found comfort in the art of planning the sh#$ out of everything. So solids started when my husband and I were ready. Sorry Nico + Sebastian.

How it started.

When they turned 6 months, we mashed up an avocado, held our breaths, and offered it slowly (one parent per baby).

How I felt.

Absolutely terrified. I watched their every move, waiting for a rogue chunk of avocado to sneak in. And guess what? It did, and they spit it out. Everyone survived.

Once we got past that first avocado, my husband took it upon himself to start incorporating spices into our homemade purees. He made all of their food btw. For hours on the weekend he would be batch-cooking while I binge-watched the entire series of GIRLS. I would check out his progress and find perfect cubes of pureed sweet potato topped with oregano, and broccoli swirled with chickpea, topped with turmeric. Hot.

But seriously, watching my two tiny people begin their journey with food was amazing, especially once some of the neurosis wore off and I was able to have more fun with it. I also realized very quickly that it wasn’t about how much they ate, but about how they were experiencing it. I found when I was in a rush, or just wanted them to finish their food, they were less likely to do so. But, before I completely mom-shamed myself, there were also times I ate with them, and laughed so hard we all ended up with food on our faces. Ugh, now I’m crying.

The Takeaway.

Honestly, it went pretty much how I thought it would. It was terrifying, then ended up being ok. I also attribute their adventurous palates to my husband’s insistence on using spices. It was something I actually raised my eyebrows at, but as I type this Nico is shoving a fistfull of chickpeas into his mouth voluntarily, so we must have done something right.

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